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Guiding Businesses Through State And Local Government Procurement

When conducting businesses with state and local governments, Florida businesses need attorneys who understand how to navigate the inherent complexities and bureaucratic red tape. With more than 50 years of combined legal experience, the attorneys at Callan Law Firm have built an in-depth level of knowledge resolving a broad range of government procurement and government contract issues.

In addition to our work representing businesses throughout the state, our lawyers’ backgrounds include positions as in-house counsel for municipal and county governments. We understand all aspects of these cases, and we use this insight to provide exceptional representation to both bid winners and bid protesters.

We built our practice to provide a high level of service to both bid winners and bid protesters engaged in a bid challenge. Our attorneys conduct a thorough analysis to learn how best to proceed with your case to obtain the desired results, including retaining the award, invalidating the bid or re-ordering the bid process. We can also provide review pre-bid submissions to analyze the bid package and minimize the chances of a bid submittal being rejected or challenged.

We provide a higher level of experience for our clients when obtaining the desired results, including:

  • Construction and paving contracts
  • Culinary contracts
  • Education products
  • Engineering services
  • Professional services
  • Telecommunication services
  • Transportation contracts

Litigation Services

Bid challenges can often end in litigation. We take a diligent approach to fully understand your case and take the necessary steps to put your case in a strong position. We are a full-service litigation law firm, offering assistance on administrative appeals, filing lawsuits to challenge bid awards and following bid procedures, to further our clients’ interests.

Our lawyers built their careers at larger law firms, developing their skills to become some of the leading government procurement and eminent domain attorneys in the state. As a smaller law firm, we can give our clients a closer, more personalized level of service not found at larger firms. We help our clients feel comfortable throughout the process while advocating for them, both in and out of the courtroom.

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