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The distinction between real estate and real property

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Real Estate Litigation |

Investing in real estate is an excellent occupation in Florida. These are areas that offer investors a multitude of high-value properties. As you make your final decision, you will be faced with a number of alternatives. Your focus should be on acquiring a property of value. It should then shift to protecting your ownership rights.

Real estate is concerned with physical objects

The failure of far too many people to make the needed distinction between real estate and real property is a serious problem. This is an error that can result in a great deal of costly and contentious real estate litigation. The best way to avoid making an error in this regard is to understand clearly what is meant by both terms.

Real estate is a term that refers solely to the physical nature of the property itself. This can include such elements as the land, structures, and resources attached to a specific property. The term should thus be used when you are describing your property and the key features that are attached to it.

Real property is concerned with legal rights

Being unable to distinguish between real estate and real property is often the cause of litigation over issues such as common boundary disputes. To simplify the issue, it may be best to think of real estate as comprising only physical objects. On the other hand, real property can be thought of as including physical objects with the addition of legal rights thereto.

You may consider going to court in order to protect your ownership rights. It’s important to know exactly why you are litigating and what for. The best definition of real property should be the sum of all of your various rights, privileges, and obligations concerning your ownership of a property.