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Florida laws support agritourism

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2022 | Land Use |

Agritourism allows local residents and out-of-state travelers to convene on rural lands for recreational or educational purposes. The laws about agritourism land use vary by state. In Florida, new laws are being proposed regarding how rural residents can use their land for profit, sightseeing or recreation.

Improved rules for agritourism land use

Florida has a unique wildlife and ecosystem that contribute to the state’s high rates of tourism. The laws are becoming more lenient in the ways that residents are allowed to benefit from agritourism. The state plans to remove restrictions on how residents can use their remote lands and properties. A property that has been converted into a place for agritourism activity can no longer be denied an agricultural land classification.

Ways that states are increasing agritourism

Florida’s laws on land use support agritourism to show the state’s support for farmers and ranchers. Examples are dude ranches that provide vacation housing in scenic rural settings. Hay rides, petting zoos with farm animals and organic farm markets are examples of activities that attract streams of outsiders to rural areas.

Zoning laws and regulations permit agritourism activities without increasing fees and penalties for farmers. The state’s laws define the uses of agritourism within specific zoning ordinances. The rules are designed to avoid activities that are made only for commercial reasons and not compatible with the nature of rural and agricultural settings.

Florida is a state where millions of visitors visit thousands of rural acres of land. Their local and state laws are being redesigned to show greater support for agritourism. Both residents and visitors are becoming more aware of the importance of preserving rural areas. Farmers and ranchers are doing more work to boost economic growth for the government and agricultural industry.