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A new federal law will impact eminent domain

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Eminent Domain |

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, passed in late November of 2021, is meant to boost the nation’s economy and infrastructure. The law includes significant federal spending for roads, highways, water and electric utilities and transportation programs. This may result in millions of miles of private lands being confiscated and converted into public use. Eminent domain is likely to become a major topic of concern in many Florida communities.

Predictions for eminent domain

The Jobs Act is expected to increase the prevalence of eminent domain activities as government officials spend more money on infrastructure. They need to acquire more lands and properties, but they need to deal with the property rights of the former owners. They need the eminent domain process that gives them the right to acquire vast sums of property legally.

Legal options for property owners

Most business owners do not worry about the threat of eminent domain. Many do not see it as a threat if they can recover their funds later. They are required by law to receive compensation in exchange for the property, and the compensation must be fair. The private property owner can challenge any offer that a business or government official makes. Most importantly, owners should know that they have legal rights that can be used in court.

The future of private property

In upcoming years, tens of thousands of homeowners and business owners could be affected by billions of dollars in infrastructure spending. Eminent domain is a legitimate procedure that only benefits both sides if it’s performed carefully. Due to this new law, individuals and business owners should draft an effective response plan if they face eminent domain.