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Historic schoolhouse protected under eminent domain

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | Eminent Domain |

The Lake Hall Schoolhouse is one of many historical buildings in Florida that have recently been saved by county commissioners. The concept of eminent domain is being considered as a tactic by local officials to further preserve the schoolhouse. Florida has laws that consider the historical significance of certain homes and buildings.

One more historical building is saved

The Lake Hall Schoolhouse, which was built in 1878 in Tallahassee, Florida, has been protected from destruction. In 2022, the Leon County commissioners voted in February to protect the building using state and federal funding. The Lake Hall Schoolhouse is one of the oldest schools of historical importance in Florida.

Florida’s eminent domain laws have protected the schoolhouse from being destroyed. County commissioners are now considering using eminent domain to prevent the seizure of its private land and property. The schoolhouse has previously been preserved with the help of state funds and grants and funds provided to the John G. Riley Center. The previous year, commissioners considered a relocation but decided against it because the building is poorly maintained.

Next, commissioners and community representatives wish to secure more land around the schoolhouse and transform the area into a public park. When this happens, the park would be opened to the public and receive funding to preserve the historical building.

Protecting history using the law

The Florida government and its local powers are using eminent domain laws to help preserve historical buildings. Eminent domain is not only used to take land away from property owners, tear down buildings and build unwanted roads. In the future, the state and local government’s powers will be used for more historic preservation.