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Using the buyer’s remorse law lets you change a bad decision

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If you’re a resident of Florida, it’s essential to understand the state laws protecting you. Some of these laws can come in handy if you are ever caught off guard and make a poor decision. An excellent example of a law protecting you is when you purchase a home after a door-to-door salesperson has solicited you. In this instance, it can be easy to get excited and make a rash decision you soon regret. Fortunately, there’s a Florida buyer’s remorse law in place offering you a chance to change your decision.

What does the buyer’s remorse law cover?

If you want to use the buyer’s remorse law to protect you, it can only be used for home solicitation sales. While you may regret making an automobile purchase or buying something from a telemarketer you decide you don’t want, you’re unable to get recourse for those types of purchases using this specific law. However, you may be able to find another law protecting you as a consumer.

You need to act fast if you change your decision

If a solicitor comes to you selling property and you decide to take them up on their offer, you might realize you’ve made a bad decision shortly after committing to the purchase. Fortunately, you have a window of time to change your decision and cancel.

According to the buyer’s remorse law, you have three business days to do so. However, it’s critical to note that the time you have ends at midnight on the third day.