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Dispute over eminent domain in Florida

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2021 | Eminent Domain |

Local governments and private property owners could find that an eminent domain dispute becomes more complicated if an additional legal matter, such as a bankruptcy or civil lawsuit, is added. As a property owner, you should learn how Florida treats eminent domain cases.

Dispute over Buena Vista extension

Sumter County is attempting to take over an extension of Buena Vista Boulevard in two parcels of land. According to reports, Wildwood Villages LLC, the land’s owner, is bankrupt and likely to be unable to afford the maintenance costs.

Sumter County made offers for the land and properties, which were approved by the country commissioners in July 2021. The next step is for the property owner to agree on a price and timeline to begin eminent domain proceedings.

The process of eminent domain

Any type of property seizure must go through a series of legal proceedings. A challenge may arise during any step in the process. The landowner may decide to reject the county’s offer or suggest another offer, or the owner may pull out of bankruptcy and decide to challenge the county officials in court. There are many similar eminent domain cases that have included a number of challenges and took years to sort out.

Learn more about eminent domain

Eminent domain is a process that any state can enact if they remain within the legal limits. From obtaining highways to residential buildings, government agencies have to go through the courts to do it and inform the property owners of their rights. That’s why it’s so important to have access to qualified legal representatives nearby and do your research before starting a case.