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Obtaining a conditional use permit in Florida

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2021 | Land Use |

Constructing a building or running a business in Florida often requires that you obtain a permit first. A conditional use permit is provided to owners who feel that their properties are unique and require special protections. The first step for every property owner is to understand the conditional use permit and the process of getting one.

The purpose of a conditional use permit

A conditional use permit (CUP) gives a property owner the right to expand the uses of a property that are typically restricted by zoning laws. The permit is given to residential and commercial property owners who want to increase the number of tenants or clients. An example is an organization that is given the right to build a large church near a school. In addition, having an exception to land use laws increases the value of property that is for sale. It remains with the property owner who purchases the residence or commercial building.

How the process works

Approving a CUP involves getting approval from a local zoning authority. This step usually includes a public hearing where local property owners, residents and city officials are allowed to give their opinions. During this meeting, it’s very important to make an exceptional presentation of your business plan and building layout to gain stronger support for your project.

Beginning the process

Anyone who wishes to make a special request for unrestricted land use must go through a zoning official. A professional who is familiar with these regulations can help people understand the requirements and steps involved in obtaining a special use permit in a particular municipality.