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Obtain a property survey to avoid future disputes

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2021 | Real Estate Litigation |

A good many instances of Florida real estate disputes are avoidable if a property owner was more proactive. In this regard, some disputes could be avoided if a property survey is obtained at the time of a real estate sales transaction.

Definition of a property survey

In basic terms, a property survey is a graphic depiction of a designated piece of real estate. A property survey is rather like a map. This type of survey outlines the legal boundaries of a particular parcel of real estate and makes note of other primary or important features of the property.

Benefits of a property survey at the time of a real estate sales transaction

A number of significant benefits can be realized is a property survey is obtained prior to the closing of a real estate sales transaction. A graphic depiction of property involved in a purchase or sale aids considerably in making clear precisely the extent of a parcel involved.

A property survey can prove invaluable in preventing future real estate litigation. As illustrated above, this includes litigation between a buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. A property survey is also useful in staving off some future real estate litigation arising from a dispute with adjoining property owners.

Of course, buyers and sellers involved in real estate sales transactions understandably strive to minimize costs associated with closing on a contract. With that reality understood, the bottom line is that investing a reasonable sum of money in a real property survey today very well may prove to be a meaningful financial investment in the future.