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Florida Department of Transportation plans to widen Pine Avenue

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2020 | Eminent Domain |

For many people in Ocala, driving to work in the morning can be a hassle. Pine Avenue is particularly hard to navigate due to the layout. Luckily, the Florida Department of Transportation plans to restructure the highway to make it easier for daily commuters.

What are the upcoming plans for Pine Avenue?

To make the road easier to navigate, the FDT plans to add a second lane and extend the turn lanes. This should make it easier for drivers to turn onto other roads and prevent long lines of traffic. To make space for these adjustments, the state might have to get rid of two buildings in the area. The state plans to use eminent domain to purchase the properties and make the desired alterations.

To purchase the land, the state intends to pay the property owners the current market value. Once it’s paid for the property, the state plans to have the buildings condemned and torn down to make room for the highway. The state might also tear down a wall near the two buildings.

The project is scheduled to begin in 2022 and will likely cost over $3 million to complete. Once the project is finalized, the FDT hopes that people will find it easier to drive on Pine Avenue and share the road without getting into accidents.

How might an attorney help with property acquisition?

An organization planning on constructing a new building or altering an existing location may need a section of land. An attorney may help with an eminent domain issue in a construction project. Farmers, business owners, homeowners, local governments and more may benefit from hiring an attorney. An attorney may also educate business owners and individuals about zoning laws.