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What are the typical steps in an eminent domain action?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2020 | Eminent Domain |

Many people in Florida have heard of eminent domain. Eminent domain refers to the government’s ability to take private property. The government takes the property in order to provide a public purpose. The government provides fair compensation for the property. For instance, an airport may need expansion in which local homeowners would be bought out by the government in order for the runway to be installed. Installing a new road would also be an instance in which eminent domain may be required.

There are many different entities in Florida that have eminent domain power. These include state, county and municipal governments including the department of transportation, school boards, utility companies and railroads. The first step in eminent domain is usually that the government announces the project and what lands will need to be acquired. Next the government appraises the properties and the property owner consults with an eminent domain attorney. The government will then make an offer and the property owner will consult with an appraiser to determine if the offer is fair. The government and property owner will reach an agreement and if they don’t the government can proceed with a condemnation.

Those who are working through an eminent domain issue may want to speak with an attorney who is skilled in land use and real estate. An experienced Florida attorney can help their client work through any issues including zoning, real estate transactions and valuation. They can resolve parcel acquisitions through settlement or litigation. They can thoroughly analyze their client’s case and deliver exceptional results for their client.

The eminent domain process in Florida can be complicated. There are many steps involved in the process and it is important that a land owner understands that they have legal rights.