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What can go wrong in a real estate transaction?

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2019 | Real Estate Litigation |

Real estate transactions oftentimes represent hopes, dreams and a significant expense. There are large sums of money on the line for the parties, including home buyers and home sellers. Unfortunately, problems can arise during real estate transactions which can threaten to derail the deal and is why it is helpful to know how to address real estate disputes and real estate litigation.

In some circumstances, real estate transactions can go wrong if the seller fails to disclose defects or another material fact that may impact the decision made by the buyer to purchase the property or the price the buyer paid for the property. It is important to be familiar with what disclosures are required in your state. In addition, purchase agreement concerns can also arise during a real estate transaction so it is essential to know how to negotiate, draft and execute your real estate documents.

Real estate representation and deposit disputes can also arise. Additionally, legal concerns may need to be addressed including issues related to easements, restrictive covenants or boundary line disputes. Issues related to the title to the property should be well understood beforehand. It is also important to know what to include in a real estate contract.

Real estate law and real estate legal resources can help parties to a real estate transaction successfully navigate real estate concerns they may have. Whatever the issue may be, there are legal tools available to help address it and help the parties as they endeavor to reach a successful real estate transaction.