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An introduction to land use law

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2018 | Land Use |

Property rights are understandably important to most property owners which is why they should be familiar with what their property rights are and how to enforce them. Land use laws include a bundle of rights and laws to protect those rights that property owners should be familiar with.

Property owners may face land use concerns ranging from Code Enforcement Board concerns; concerns related to conditional uses and special exceptions; environmental permitting concerns; rezoning concerns; and concerns related to site plan approvals. Whenever a property owner has a project they are considering, these concerns may come up; other concerns may come up in the daily course of use of the property which is why property owners should be familiar with the legal resources available to them.

There are different legal methods, options and remedies for addressing various property and land use-related concerns including the administrative process or litigation. It is helpful to have trained guidance through the process to understand which option is best and most effective in the circumstances. Property owners may need help with appeals; defense of approvals; exaction cases; impact fee challenges; First Amendment challenges; and writs of certiorari and declaratory actions.

Whatever the need is, land use law can help property owners with the range of concerns that might pop up and that they may have. Property rights are important to protect, making land use law essential for property owners to understand. Protecting the rights and interests of property owners and addressing every angle of a property-related dispute or concern is what land use laws, tools and resources are available to do.