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Helping Individuals, Businesses And Governments Resolve Annexation Matters

When individuals or businesses seek to develop vacant land, they need public services to complete the project. Annexation is the process by which unincorporated property is added into a municipality, allowing undeveloped land to receive water, sewage and other necessary utilities.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Callan Law Firm are uniquely positioned to provide counsel for your annexation matter. Our lawyers have worked closely with individuals, businesses and government entities. Whether you are working through an annexation application or negotiating development terms, we understand how to reach the positive results our clients are seeking.

Annexation In Florida

This process of annexing unincorporated property can either be voluntary or through a referendum. Voluntary annexation occurs when all property owners in an area of land sign a petition to have a municipality annex their property. When annexation occurs through referenda, all property owners vote on the annexation, with the outcome determining whether the annexation will occur.

Our attorneys combine large-firm resources with small-firm service to provide advice to businesses and individuals who are either applying for or seeking to block annexation. Additionally, we have provided legal counsel to local government entities. We have particular experience in defending and attacking pending annexations. Having worked on all sides of annexation law, we offer a deeper level of knowledge that few firms can equal.

Thought Leaders In Annexation Law

Through our extensive background, we have developed a reputation as one of the leading annexation law firms in the state. Attorney Alison Yurko has authored law review articles on the topic and has conducted presentations concerning the evolution of Florida’s annexation laws. We stay up to date with the latest legal changes all while utilizing the latest technology to efficiently resolve each client’s case.

Our attorneys are ready to guide you through your annexation matter. Call 407-917-4436, or complete the contact form on our website to contact our Orlando office.